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Can You Relate?

Your business isn't expanding as quickly as you'd like.

You need more resources, time, and capital to turn your vision into reality.

Whether it's hiring skilled professionals, ramping up marketing efforts, acquiring equipment, or opening a new location, the common hurdle is obtaining the necessary funding and credit.

So, what's the secret to getting approved?

As the COO and co-founder of a thriving company, I've assisted countless business owners in securing financing, even after banks have turned them down.

How do we accomplish this?

We identify the reasons behind the denials and provide a clear path to approval for any loan you’re aiming for.

Why Banks Leave You Guessing

Banks won't disclose the reasons for your loan denial, nor will they guide you toward approval.

Many business owners find themselves in a guessing game, spending months compiling financial statements and submitting documents, all while crossing their fingers for a positive outcome.

The harsh reality? Around 80% of business owners face rejection from banks, forcing them to rely on bootstrapping to sustain their operations.

With limited time and resources to attract customers and build momentum, this approach often leads to business failure.

Relying on Personal Credit: A Risky Strategy

Using personal credit for business needs often leads to complications. Here's why:

Signing a personal guarantee increases your utilization ratio, reducing your ability to borrow money for your business … or take out a loan to cover personal expenses.

Higher utilization also lowers your personal credit scores, limiting your capacity to secure funds … when you need it most.

When this happens, business owners typically do one (or more) of 4 things:

  • Dip into their savings

  • Tap into their retirement

  • Bleed their kids college fund

  • Put up their home for collateral

And this is very common.

In some cases, signing a personal guarantee is a wise choice to make.

In fact, we recommend it at the right time and in the right circumstances—but not for a struggling business.

If the business requires more and more capital to stay afloat, you will likely begin defaulting on personal loans and credit cards.

The Hidden Pitfalls of Personal Guarantees...

We witness this scenario frequently.

Business owners spend years trying to recover, struggling to climb out of debt, or, in the worst cases, filing for bankruptcy without a business to show for their efforts.

If your goal is sustained growth, relying on a single loan or credit line backed by a personal guarantee leads to a dead end.


Because eventually, the money will run out.

Without a reliable method to secure additional funds, your sales, operations, and growth will slow down or come to a complete halt.

What About Cash Flow?

Every entrepreneur dreams of growing their business solely on cash flow.

However, this dream often clashes with reality.

Consider these critical questions:

  • Do you consistently have more cash coming in than going out each month?

  • Can your business cover all its expenses without additional funding?

  • Do you have liquidatable assets?

  • Do you have at least one month’s operating expenses available, or enough to cover the next payroll?

  • Is your business cash flow positive but not profitable?

These indicators reveal the sustainability of a cash flow-based funding plan.

Even large companies generating seven, eight, or nine-figure revenues rely heavily on external capital to fuel their growth—cash flow alone isn’t enough.

Navigating Market Uncertainty

Market downturns and recessions are unavoidable; they are a part of the economic cycle.

Historically, recessions occur approximately every six years.

During turbulent times, the inability to secure funding places your business in its most vulnerable state.

In essence, relying solely on bootstrapping, cash flow, and personal credit often leads to failure for many business owners.

The Leading Cause of Business Failure

A lack of capital, cash flow, and funding is the top reason businesses fail.

According to the BLS, nearly 50% of businesses shut down within the first five years.

Within ten years, 65% have failed

Only 25% of new businesses survive to the 15-year mark.

After two decades of helping business owners secure the funds they need to grow, I’ve witnessed every frustration and setback imaginable.

The emotional toll of repeated applications, long waits, and constant rejections often drives many to abandon their dreams.

To address this, we sought a straightforward and efficient solution to enhance business Fundability quickly.

Despite extensive searching, no suitable software existed.

Until we found Fundability

Why Choose Fundability?

Fundability™ provides access to unlimited capital, empowering you to start or grow a successful, enduring business.

It ensures approval for business loans, credit lines, and business credit accounts, while also:

  • Building your business credit

  • Protecting your personal credit

  • Meeting operating expenses

  • Securing the lowest rates and best terms

  • Obtaining the highest funding amounts

  • Maximizing approval rates

  • Increasing your business's value

  • Expanding and opening new locations

  • Acquiring other businesses

  • Negotiating favorable deals

  • Reducing insurance premiums

  • Improving leasing terms

Fundability extends beyond merely securing a loan or credit card.

It’s an integral part of your business, offering a comprehensive financial strategy for proven success.

Overcoming the Cash Access Problem

Securing bank funding is a widespread issue affecting nearly every business. Whether you’re a startup or an established company, obtaining the necessary capital for growth is a persistent struggle. The reality is stark: lending requirements are becoming increasingly stringent.

Despite an abundance of lenders, investors, and available capital, changing rules make it difficult for business owners to navigate the approval process. The most troubling aspect is that the critical information needed to secure funding isn’t readily accessible online. This “secret” funding criteria remains unpublished and hidden from public view.

Over the past decade, we’ve identified more than 125 factors that unlock access to the loans and credit business owners need. By collaborating with hundreds of lenders and credit issuers, we provide the most current lending requirements every 30 days.

Our goal is to simplify and enable financial access for every entrepreneur with a vision to improve their community.

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